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For Diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s Disease
Suction Biopsy System


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Suitable for Pediatric Examination
Safe and Reliable; Single-use Capsule
It is known that conventional suction rectal biopsy tools often fail to collect a specimen, especially when it is applied to pediatric patients. Therefore, it had been considered as a relatively unreliable tool.
The rbi2 system is a newly developed tool which features a capsule with an internal cutting blade and provides a reliable means for biopsy even for pediatrics.
It allows a much safer, easier biopsy procedure under anesthesia.

A consistent, easy way to collect the sample of rectal mucosa

Reference Number for PAL Approval: 220AGBZX00148000 Injection Needle or Puncture Needle


The relative position of capsule inserted to the anorectum can easily be checked with its marker.