• Allows 1-channel internal pressure measurement and body tilt sensing.
  • Ambulatory type capable of 36-hour logging (8 Mb flash memory).
  • Displays data on an LCD in real time.
  • Sample rate: 100 ms
  • Displays 1-channel data on your PC screen in real time when it is set on a dedicated data transfer box.

title-bar1.pngAnorectal function measurement

Consecutive internal pressure measurement
(Rapid Pull-through Method)


In this method, a distribution of internal pressure from the rectum to the most distal part of the anal sphincter is measured. It also utilizes an automated pull-through method developed for catheters with a pressure transducer.

Fixed point measurement of internal pressure
(Station Method)


In this method, the position of the inserted sensor gradually shifts by 1 cm along up to 6 cm distance from the rectum to the most distal part of the anal sphincter in order to measure the internal pressures of 6 sites in total. At each site, pressure values during the state of rest, bear-down, and squeezing are measured and the maximum value among them for each of these conditions is recorded.

Anorectal reflex measurement


This measurement involves the insertion of a balloon catheter into the rectum and a rapid distention of the balloon, placing a sensor in the anal canal. With four steps of 5, 10, 15, and 20 ml balloon distention, the relaxation of the anal sphincter can be observed with a waveform.

Measurement of rectal compliance


Inserting a balloon into the rectum and filling it with warm water to measure its compliance, this measurement method allows the assessment of rectal sensory as well as the status of its relaxation.