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  • Allows 8-channel internal pressure and 2-channel pH measurement with body tilt sensing.
  • Ambulatory type capable of 36-hour logging (8 Mb flash memory).
  • Displays data on an LCD in real time.
  • Sample rate:-for pressure measurements; 100 ms. / -for pH; 100 ms at the initial 5 minutes of calibration; afterwards 1 s (automatically be calibrated after 5 minutes).
  • Displays 10-channel data on your PC screen in real time when it is set on a dedicated data transfer box.

title-bar1.png8-channel 3D Anal pressure

Grasp the comprehensive dynamics of the anal sphincter more intuitively.GMMS-1000-3D.png

3-dimentional pressure distribution display (left), cross-sectional assessment interval and also the thickness of cross-sections can be adjusted by 1 mm.